They did it for the kids: Boy Scout leaders topple prehistoric rock

It took Nature millions of years to sculpt the formation. It took two men just a few seconds to destroy it.

The bolder stood, delicately balanced, in Utah’s Goblin Valley State Park, but these former Boy Scout leaders decided to desecrate the site by pushing it over. And, because people can’t seem to avoid filming themselves doing stupid and/or illegal things, they recorded the act on a video that found its way to YouTube.

There were a lot of cheers and high-fives after the deed was done. However, after the Boy Scouts effectively fired the men for their actions and they were charged with third-degree felonies, the men defended their actions.

They explained that during an earlier field trip with the Boy Scouts, they became concerned that the boulder would soon topple off its perch and possible kill a child. They said that they thought they had done a “good deed” but expressed some regret about not first notifying the park rangers of their plans.

Too bad they didn’t. The park rangers might have lent them a crowbar.

So the score is: Ancient geologic formation: 0, Boy Scout Leaders: 1

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