Greetings, Allen School parents!

old phone

I somehow managed to get my home telephone number on the list to receive robo calls from the neighborhood elementary school. I come home from work and the little red light on my telephone is blinking, blinking, blinking to let me know that something exciting is happening at Allen School!

On Monday:

“Greetings, Allen School parents! This is a reminder that the annual Allen School White Elephant Sale is just 3 weeks away and we are still accepting donations! Now is the time to go through your closets and those boxes in your attic to uncover those hidden treasures. Bring your items to the school office by next Thursday. Then, be ready to shop to you drop at the sale! Thank you and see you there!”

On Tuesday:

“Greetings, Allen School parents! Gather up your neckerchiefs and bonnets! It’s time for our Fall student-parent square dance! Get ready to do-si-do next Saturday from 8:00 until 10:00 pm! We are still looking for donations for desserts. Call Marge Martin at extension 1212 to sign up!!”


“Greetings, Allen School parents! This is a reminder to return the permission slips for our Allen School field trips! Grades 1 and 2 will be visiting the local dairy to see (and smell) cottage cheese being processed! Grades 3 and 4 are visiting the city library for a story hour. Grades 5 and 6 are going to the museum to see the mummies! We are still looking for chaperones . If you can help us with any of these fun outings, please call Marge Martin at extension 1212.”

I think Allen School is having a lot more fun than I am.

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