The Evolution of the Office: Chapter 1

blank sheet in a typewriter

A repeat from my earlier blog:

In the beginning, there was empty land. And a developer bought the land and hired tradesmen. The tradesmen brought tools, and bricks, and lumber, and they made a structure. They called it a building, and it was good.

Then a businessman looked at the building and said, “I will rent the building from you. Let there be many partitions inside it.” So the carpenters built walls and added doors and windows to the walls and called each space within the walls an Executive Office. And each office measured over 300 square feet. The businessman saw it and was pleased.

Inside of each Executive Office he placed a large mahogany desk. On one side of the desk he placed a leather desk chair and on the other side there were two visitors’ chairs. Along one wall of each office he placed a low cabinet that he called a credenza. And in each credenza he placed an ice bucket, highball glasses, and several bottles of liquor.

Then the businessman looked at the offices and thought “It is not good that executives do the work themselves. They must have helpmates.” So outside each office he placed a desk and chair smaller than the executives’ desks and chairs. And on that desk he placed a typewriter and an In basket. He called each desk an Executive Secretary’s desk and, after thinking about it for a while, he placed a sofa inside each Executive Office.

On the next day, the businessman saw that the large area in the center of the office was empty. So into this area he brought in two dozen desks and two dozen chairs that were smaller than the Executive Secretaries’ desks and chairs. He arranged the desks in six neat rows and on each desk placed a typewriter, an In basket, and a box of tissues. On the back of each desk chair he hung an old cardigan sweater.

The businessman looked out on the area he had created in the center of the office and he called it the Typing Pool, for there was much typing to be done.

The businessman placed a man inside each Executive Office. And at each desk with a typewriter, he placed a woman. And the business thrived for many years.

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