Quick! Buy this before it breaks.

Full trash of used hardware

Why is when you’re shopping that sales person who just told you how wonderful the product is, then tries to convince you to buy the extended warranty because the product will probably break?

I buy a charger

Last week I stopped into an electronics store to pick up a new charger for my mobile phone. I told the young man at the register what I wanted and he went right to a rack to get it for me. It was exactly what I wanted: plug one end into a wall plug and the other end into the telephone. $21.00. Sold in 30 seconds!

As he was ringing up the sale, he told me about the 3-year product guarantee that I could buy. Only $2.10.

I declined.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

Translation: The company really pressures us to sell these product guarantees.

I buy a monitor

I went to a once well-known, now defunct electronics store to by a LCD monitor for my computer. The sale goes smoothly. I take the monitor to the check-out counter and the clerk tries to sell me a maintenance agreement for roughly 20% of the sales price. I decline.

“Well, that’s really stupid,” she tells me.

That was 15 years ago and the monitor is still working. I have no idea if that sales clerk is still working, though.

Translation: Some people shouldn’t be in Sales, or should at least pay attention during the training courses.

I buy a laptop computer

I decided that a laptop computer would be a good item to have. There was a sale at a national chain and it seemed they have exactly what i was looking for.

I found a store that still had the laptops in stock. The salesman told me how wonderful these laptops were. The price was right; the features were right. Sold!

The salesman led me to a counter and introduced me to Harold, who would be completing the sale (??).

“We offer an extended warranty for $300.00,” Harold said.

“That’s half the amount I’m paying for the laptop,” I said. “I’ll decline.”

Harold shakes his head sadly. “That’s not wise. The screens on these computers are junk. If they fail and you bring it back here, we’ll charge you $600.00 just to open the lid.”

“That seems excessive,” I tell Harold. “I’ll stick with the basic warranty.”

“OK. but you’ll regret it.”

I look at him for the first time. He is not a happy man.

“This isn’t you’re first choice for a job, is it?” I ask him.

“Hell, no,” he says. “Fourteen years with [insert major company name here] and they suddenly decide that their obscene profits are not high enough. They tossed the old-timers out onto the street. Screw them!”

Translation: Harold needs professional counseling. And a challenging job.

5 thoughts on “Quick! Buy this before it breaks.

  1. I wish I had your restraint. I’m such a sucker for warranties, I buy them for everything. I justify it with “just in case…” and I’ve yet to ever cash in on one. But we all know how it goes. The next big purchase I make I’ll decide to be a daredevil and risk it…and it’ll break on the way out the door… :p


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