The dog who ate the lightbulb…

The dog who ate the lightbulb...

…and two pairs of leather gloves, one shoe, a pair of slippers, two quarts of cherry tomatoes, a duvet cover et cetera, et cetera. Just think what he could have done if I didn’t make it a point to put everything away.

Scratches on the new stove and the old pine floors in the kitchen…why did I ever buy a cream-colored sofa? Two trips to the emergency hospital so far…one trainer fired; another found.

One year old last Thursday and we both survived our first 9 months together. Much work to do if I ever hope to turn him into a therapy dog.

Note to self: Buy more wine.

10 thoughts on “The dog who ate the lightbulb…

    1. This is a mixed breed — Irish Setter and Golden Retriever. I suppose both have the same reputation for eating anything. They all seem to do it. I heard of a German Shepard that kept eating socks. It’s always interesting.


      1. I’m not that familiar with Golden Retrievers, apparently. Never had one before. I know they weren’t too concerned at the vet hospital after he ate the light bulb. Didn’t even treat him except for sending us home with some expensive dog food to help him pass the glass safely. They said they had a dog in a week earlier who swallowed a razor blade. Oh, my.


      2. I had a golden retriever that got into a bowl of chocolate and ate it all… And nothing happened to him.


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