A question to parents from someone without children

Tip: This means “Stop.Do not cross the street.”

Warm weather is finally here! Those of us who live in cold climates can all celebrate the return of spring and summer. Gone for a few months are the slush and icy winds of winter.

Those of you with young children can get the entire family out for some fresh air and sunshine. This is good.

However, I live in Boston. It is a land of notoriously bad drivers; people who, upon entering a highway, don’t understand the meaning of the word “Yield.” (Hint: It does not mean to drive as fast and aggressively as you possibly can in order to cut off all oncoming traffic.)

Having learned to drive in another part of the universe, where traffic laws are generally understood and obeyed, I still have a problem with your interpretation of a few traffic laws.

I am not here today to rant about your utter ignorance of the common 4-way stop. That is the subject for another blog.

Rather, our topic for today is: Jaywalking. Specifically, jaywalking with babies.

I see this at least once a day when I am walking down the street.

It seems that if you are an aggressively bad driver, you become, after parking your car and taking to the city streets, an equally bad pedestrian.  It must be said: You are a selfish, ignorant public menace, sir or madam.

But why, why, WHY do you think you can endanger your child in the process????

You take your baby, your helmeted, over-padded, over-protected,  over-scheduled child and strap said baby into a stroller to explore the city streets. You come to a cross walk that very plainly says you should not attempt to cross the street. But yet, but yet! Those rules don’t apply to you. You can cross the street at any point where you see the slimmest of openings. The oncoming trucks and busses are still a few feet away.

Let me pause here to say that, if you wish to step out into the path of oncoming traffic, and your demise does not threaten your child or inconvenience witnesses or the driver of the truck or bus, I applaud you! I hope you are removed from the gene pool. We don’t need you.

But why would you decide to push your baby out in front of an oncoming vehicle? Why would you sacrifice your child so you can cross the street 60 seconds early?

You are not going first to blaze the trail. Oh, no. You are pushing your baby in front of the oncoming traffic before you even step off the curb, you coward. Do you think vehicles are more likely to stop if you shove a baby in front of them?

Shame on you.

And why should we not cheer if Childrens’ Services swoops down and takes your child away from you forever because you just endangered his life and because you are a very, very bad parent??

I know I wouldn’t think of endangering my dog on a leash. I’m fairly certain you would be one of the first to berate me if I did. So why is it OK to do it to your child in a stroller?

I’m just wondering.

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