An Open Father’s Day Letter to George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld

American Flag


Father’s Day is this Sunday. I’m sure you will be gathering with your children to celebrate this special day.

Good for you.

However, there is a problem in Iraq. Do you remember Iraq? That was the country that you insisted we invade.

It was over a decade ago and I know you are getting on in age, so it might have slipped your mind. You told us that Saddam Hussein had “weapons of mass destruction”, whatever those might be. It was, of course, a lie. But what do lies matter to you?

I, for one, never believed your lies, but now we all know now that it was not about Saddam. It was about the oil in the ground; oil that you old oilmen thought was yours.

It was not.

You fanned the flames. You beat the drums. You hoodwinked people who should have known better into authorizing an invasion.

In short, you lied.

I’ve read the news reports this morning about the crisis in Iraq. It seems that insurgents are about to overrun the very cities that we have spent over a decade trying to liberate.

Billions of dollars lost. Hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi lives lost. How many service men and women killed or grievously wounded in the conflict?

And for what?

For nothing. For a lie.

I have friends who will commemorate this Father’s Day without their son or daughter because their child was killed by an IED or a sniper in Iraq. I have friends who served in the battlefield hospitals who said that yes, they saved a soldier’s life because they had the technology to do so, but they questioned if it was the right thing to do. They were sending those soldiers home to a life of permanent disability, some so brain damaged that they can never survive without perpetual care. Their parents, who had once diapered them and taught them to walk and talk as infants, must do so again.

These are your soldiers. The men and women you sent into war.

So go back to your book tours and television interviews and cheesy paintings. Go back to your lives totally detached from reality. Open your gifts as the innocent citizens of Iraq try to raise their children in what is still a war zone. So much lost; nothing gained.

Your children might call you Dad, or Father, or Poppy. Why should the rest of us not call you war criminals?

Enjoy your day, as your soldiers suffer. Enjoy your day as Baghdad might again fall.











2 thoughts on “An Open Father’s Day Letter to George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld

  1. And how did all this catch us by surprise exactly? Short of staying there forever and one day, the country would have reverted to sectarianism no matter what. All that invasion nonsense really for naught…


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