Trust me

Of all the love/hate relationships in the world, is there one any more mystifying than that between Labor and Management?

I suspect that the reason the employer/employee relationship is such a Kaibuki dance of posturing and insecurity is that no one trusts anyone–and probably for good reason.

I found the following in a job description. It was listed after the Summary of the Position and Requirements.

Other Information

Candidates must undergo a criminal background check and drug test before being hired
Fun, supportive, high-trust working environment that rewards entrepreneurialism and creativity

In other words, we trust you…but only after you urinate in a cup for us.

I always pass on these “opportunities” but some day I’m going to ask the Hiring Manager if she would mind coming along with me to take a drug test, too–just to reassure me that I’m not about to work for a doped-up criminal.

Can’t be too careful these days.


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