Advice from my Mother

Photo credit: Gentlemen's Emporium
Photo credit: Gentleman’s Emporium

She was wise and funny and I never knew when she would toss out another of her bon mots. She admired a good play on words and loved the word “onomatopoeia” just because of the delicious way it rolled off her tongue.

I find myself quoting her automatically, such as when I run the vacuum around the house and pretend to dust. “Well,” she would say  as she turned off the Hoover and looked around the room, “it’s still not good but it’s better.”

She tossed out wide-ranging nuggets of advice that remain with me.

Some of her sayings that came to mind this week:

  1. Always keep Carnation Instant Nonfat Dried Milk in your pantry. You never know when a recipe will call for milk.
  2. If you want some idea of how a man will treat you after you’re married, watch how he behaves with his mother. (To which I add: If his mother is self-centered and domineering, and if her son completely bows to her will, find the nearest exit and run for your life!)
  3. Invest in a good steam iron.
  4. Whenever you have some time to kill, find a good spot to just sit and people-watch.
  5. Never buy clothes if the plaid doesn’t match.

If she ever heard a funny expression, it became a part of her cannon, such as:

It wasn’t the cough
That carried him off,
Was the coffin
they carried him off in.

I can simply take a blouse off of a hanger or find myself with an extra hour before a meeting and I think of her and smile. 

Her legacy:

 – Don’t be so self-absorbed that you forget to observe the world.

 – Take pride in how you look. 

 – Laugh whenever possible, especially when it seems impossible.

 – Love language and writing.

How could I improve on that?

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