Five things I know today

American Flag

  1. It’s Primary Election Day in Massachusetts. After much thought, it is time to toss out my current member of the House of Representatives and vote for someone who I hope will be more relevant. Hope is the operative word here. As for the other races, I hope I’m not making a mistake, but at least I’m making what I hope is an informed decision. (There’s that word hope again. It does pop up a lot, doesn’t it?)
  2. I ignore robo calls prior to elections. Do these actually sway voters’ opinions?
  3. Not that anyone has asked, but my suggestion for a Constitutional amendment would be to limit every elected official’s time in office to one term, although they could seek re-election after sitting out a term. Increase the presidential term to 6 years; reduce the Senate term to 4 years; increase the congressional term to 3 years. This way officials wouldn’t spend the majority of their time in office courting donors, which brings us to point 4.
  4. Fund elections solely by a single pool of money. The money goes into the pool based on the voluntary contribution check box on one’s income tax form. If you don’t pay taxes, you don’t get to contribute your dollar to the election campaign pool. This will put a lot of campaign advisors and advertising firms out of business,but since they are for a free market economy, we expect no whining from any of them. 
  5. Never miss an opportunity to vote.The bad guys are counting on you not voting.

3 thoughts on “Five things I know today

  1. Keep on dreaming Kate! But nice propositions. And I finally did become a citizen to exercise my right to vote. I even made some calls during the last Presidential election. I think I had a useful debate with exactly one voter.

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    1. Well, at least you spoke to a voter, right?
      I have to be an optimist because it would be too easy to just write the whole lot of them off.
      Congratulations on your citizenship! I hope we don’t make you too cynical.


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