How not to save money on holiday decorations

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As I was walking my dog yesterday through the lovely cemetery in town, we came upon a woman and two men in a van who were cutting branches off of the pine trees and tossing them into the van.

The people who work at this cemetery take good care of the old growth trees there. Many of them are labeled to identify the species. Each season I see new trees being planted to replace the diseased trees or those felled by a storm.

The trio I saw yesterday did not work at the cemetery. The van was a plumber’s truck. I suspect they were there on a Sunday morning precisely because there was no one working there at that time.

As the woman directed the driver to a new tree, the other man began cutting off a branch. “Hey,” said the driver, “let’s not overfill it. I need to use the van for work.”

So, is this someone who asked permission? Don’t know. Will she take them home to make wreaths for the residents of a nursing home? Don’t know.

Or is she, as I suspect, too cheap to buy some roping? In that case, I say to you:

“Hey folks, you give new meaning to the term “Classless Society” because you have absolutely no class.”

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