Let’s ban Casual day

audrey hepburn

If experience has taught me nothing else, I know that I never want to go to another New Year’s Eve party. Neither do I want to watch the ball drop at midnight at Times Square in New York City–either in person or on television.

This year, I settled into my favorite chair and decided to watch a movie on television. Never big on movies that replace dialog with car chases, I’ll always drift over to dramas, mysteries, or romantic comedies.

The Dog Who ate a Light Bulb was asleep in his favorite chair (I miss sitting in that chair, by the way). I knew I had a quiet evening in front of me but was having trouble picking out a movie I wanted to watch.

Scrolling through the list on Netflix, I finally spotted the movie I hadn’t seen in decades: Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The movie is 54 years old — had it aged gracefully?

No need to worry; they had me at the opening scene. A taxi pulls up to Tiffany’s in New York City at dawn. A woman, wearing a little black dress, exits the cab carrying a pastry and cup of coffee and gazes at the displays in the windows. But this is no ordinary woman and no off-the-rack dress: it is Audrey Hepburn wearing a gown designed by Hubert de Givency.

It is this:

breakfast at tiffanys opening sceneAnd this:

breakfast at tiffanys 2

I remember when this movie came out and how I fell in love with classic style and elegant dresses. I would never be Audrey Hepburn, but I could aspire to try to dress with some style and sophistication.

Over the past decade or so, we have gone from casual Fridays to all-casual, all the time. Spandex is the new cashmere and we have evolved into a nation of slobs.

To wit:

Photo credit: shoppingatwalmart.com
Photo credit: shoppingatwalmart.com

We may not be able to afford designer clothes, but come on, people! Let’s at least try to dress better.

You’ll feel better about yourselves. Promise.

15 thoughts on “Let’s ban Casual day

  1. That last photo is sort of artistic, though, in the way the guy’s arm and back hair just flows naturally into the bare twigs on the trees. 😉
    It would be nice to see fewer jammies and sweatpants, though, and shorts in the middle of a cold winter.


    1. I’d somehow missed the artistic elements of the photo — too busy looking at those skinny legs.
      Someone once wrote: “Everyone looks better in a sweater” and I second that.
      Thanks for your comment!


  2. Unless people are your guests and you invited them to a “posh” party, with dresscode on the invitation – what are other people’s clothes to you? Not that I think they look great – but nobody has an obligation to look MY OPINION of great!


    1. I’m not saying we have to dress in designer clothes — just take a little pride in how we look. I don’t think wearing jeans to a funeral is appropriate, for example and I’ve seen that a lot.


      1. Why? Since when is the outward appearance more important than the inner state of mind at a funeral? Jeans are ok, as far as I am concerned, maybe not in pink or green, if you ask me … but neutral colours like the usual stone-washed Jeans, not the torn kind … I prefer a badly dressed tolerant millionaire to a male fashion victim whose debts are higher than the Everest. 😉 Just kidding, of course, a millionaire has to wear a tuxedo, so that I can recognize him 😛 *again kidding, but let that not trouble you.


  3. I second your motion wholeheartedly. Sometimes people ask me why I am so dressed up to run errands and I reply I like to look nice no matter the occasion (not that I am even going out in high heels and full make-up!). This country has so gotten used to dressing down everyone does it without a second thought. I am holding on to the few shreds of European-ess I have left I guess.

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    1. A good rule of thumb is to not wear anything with writing on it. 😉
      I had a full day of interviews last summer and so I put an extra effort into looking professional. Then on my way home, I stopped in a market to pick up a few things for dinner. There was an older man standing by the register who came up to me and complimented me on how I looked. “It’s nice to see someone so well dressed for a change.”
      That certainly made my day.


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