Meeting notes–February 10, 2015

meeting notes 02-10-15

There is 6 feet of snow on the ground, with more in the forecast. Public transportation is shut down for the day. The state government is encouraging everyone to stay home today.

I couldn’t go to work anyway. The office too inaccessible–50 miles away, off a country road, then down a winding driveway through a woods. It’s not just an office, it’s a campus with four buildings. Nearly everyone has a long commute getting there.

Except Doug, the CEO.

Doug had the offices built on land just a half-mile from his house. Some days he walks to work. So, even though the parking lots at work will be empty, the offices are open because Doug doesn’t have a problem getting to work.

This means that we all had to dial in for our meeting. Usually, this is not a problem because people know how to use the video conferencing equipment.

Except Doug, the CEO.

Doug had to call his secretary to set up the meeting and e-mail the invitations to us. Then Doug had to call his secretary again to have her explain what he needed to do to host the meeting. We could hear the conversation on the conference call but no one could offer any advice because the speaker phone in the conference room is broken. We all know this.

Except Doug, the CEO.

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