Meeting Notes: February 16, 2015

Cupcake photo credit: Food Network
Cupcake photo credit: Food Network

Our meeting got off to a rousing start. Marge brought in two dozen cupcakes, which prompted us to run to the kitchen and make a fresh pot of coffee.

Marge admitted she hadn’t intended to bake cupcakes for the office. “I used to bake them more often for the school bake sales, but their school stopped having them because they are too unhealthy.”

Resulting in healthier offerings but much lower sales, I suspect.

Marge said that her children had missed so much school this brutal winter, that she had run out of ways to keep them entertained. “I decided that it was time to pull out the cupcake tins and let them learn to bake, she said. “So we had a decorating contest, which was a lot of fun, but we ended up with 48 cupcakes!

“I had to get all these extra calories out of the house,” she explained.

We were not insulted because Marge bakes a mean cupcake and we’ll take them any way that we can get them.

Note to Harvard Business School: Nothing ensures a successful meeting like extremely tasty, empty calories.

“I used to love the bake sales at school,” I said. “My mother would bake dark chocolate cupcakes with her special chocolate fudge frosting. She would chop up walnuts to put on the icing so that she could wrap them up and not worry about the cling wrap pulling the frosting off.”

“The walnuts made it easier for me to find hers at the bake sale. I always bought her cupcakes because, well, they were chocolate. Plus, that icing was delicious.”

This lead to a discussion of using “icing” versus “frosting.” They are supposed to be regional terms and our informal survey indicated that we were split on the use of terms.

The meeting concluded on time with no actual business discussed.

Best. Meeting. Ever.

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