I’ll have coffee, eggs, and a side of bacon


Photo credit: freefoodphotos.com
Photo credit: freefoodphotos.com

There is no such thing as status quo. Even if you just stand still, things will change anyway.

I once read three articles about possible causes of cancer. The stories appeared within a single week.

And what were these findings? What should we avoid?

  1. Having sex
  2. Abstaining from sex
  3. Drinking water

Well, that was depressing week.

Ever since then, though, I treat all news stories about nutritional guidelines, health warnings, and those never-ending “studies” with the same mild amusement that I pay to those ludicrous tabloid headlines on display by the check-out lines at the grocery stores. (My favorite: “Baby Born With Wooden Leg!”)

So this week’s news says that eggs AND coffee are OK. Go ahead and indulge or, in my case, just keep on enjoying them.

I’ll drink my coffee and enjoy my eggs while I read about the next findings. Who knows what we might be told to avoid? No sooner will the story come out than new stores will open in the strip malls. Out with the “Gluten Free” store! That’s just so yesterday. Let’s go to the ribbon cutting ceremony at the “Brown Rice-Free” shop!

Who cares? The only advice I follow is that red wine is good for you.

I’ll drink to that.

7 thoughts on “I’ll have coffee, eggs, and a side of bacon

      1. Yes, and i’m old enough to have seen the swing s in studies about coffee being bad then good, etc. I love my coffee and will not give that up as part of my morning ritual, no matter what new study comes out…

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