3 things I just don’t understand


  1. I don’t understand why, oh why, when I turn on my computer to do some simple task, am I delayed for 2 hours while the computer installs updates? Could we just have one day a week when this doesn’t have to happen? Wednesday would be good, I think.  I’ve been trying to scan in some photos and now it can’t seem to find the printer that is right here next to me. So I have to download drivers that won’t install properly, and now Norton wants to scan everything again and…what was it I wanted to do? Oh wait…now it’s backing up my files.
  2. I don’t understand why I just don’t buy a Mac.
  3. What I really don’t understand is any perfume commercial on television. Did I not get the secret decoder ring to solve this cryptic message? (I realize this last point has nothing do to with computers, but I’ve had a lot of time to daydream.)


3 thoughts on “3 things I just don’t understand

      1. I’ve always considered perfume to be the perfect product for those who don’t believe in their own beauty or those who don’t scrub hard enough in the shower. It’s not really part of my world.


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