What could possibly go wrong?



  • The Cleveland Police Department has put out a call to surrounding counties for an additional 5000 police officers during the Republican National Convention.
  • The Cleveland Police Union is asking Governor John Kasich to suspend Ohio’s Open Carry Law (which makes it legal for registered gun owners to carry their weapons openly in public) during the convention in wake of the events in Dallas and Baton Rouge.
  • Cleveland officials have increased the city’s liability insurance coverage by 500%.
  • Guns are allowed in the Secret Service area but not in the Event Zone near the convention center.
  • 1000 jail cells have been cleared in anticipation of mass arrests.
  • US Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson told the House Homeland Security Committee that he is concerned about violence at the convention.
  • News organizations have trained their reporters on how to protect themselves should a riot take place. As a precaution, they are issuing gas masks.

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