5 things I don’t remember buying

I’ve been on a de-clutter mode recently, clearing out the pantry, closets, and drawers.

I may try to weave today’s items into a short story. Or maybe a song! After all, I do have a banjo.

IMAG0304 (1)

1 – A UFO

No, not really. It’s a palm-sized massager that someone once gave me when my back was bothering me. I’ve never used it and have no idea if it works or whatever creative uses other people have found for theirs.


2 – Fig Newton Doll

Four inches tall and just so cute. I didn’t buy it. I don’t even like Fig Newtons. Someone gave it to my mother as a joke and I like having it around.



3 – Learning Tenor Banjo DVD

Technically, I did buy this but I forgot about it.

Horseradish-Bacon Dip Image 1

4 – Horseradish – Bacon Dip Mix

Got this at some company Christmas party after a gift exchange with a $5 limit. It might be good, but this particular package was 8 years past its Sell-By date.


5 – Suede Oklahoma Christmas Ornament (with twine hangar)

Boy howdy.

5 thoughts on “5 things I don’t remember buying

  1. That doll would be the first thing I would throw into the bin, but then I am not into these kind of decorations … Closely followed by the “Christmas ornament”. I am a sucker for Christmas ornaments, do not get me wrong, but I prefer them Christmassy, not geographical …
    And yes, sometimes I clean out my food storage too, and find things I think – ups, you WANTED to try this … someday …
    I have thrown away a massager, too.
    And I have no DVDs but books about things I want to learn … uhm … yes .. one day?


      1. Yeah, still not giving up on the idea of wearing some of them – (they still fit, that is not the problem, I just don’t get into a situation anymore where they would be right …)


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