The great top sheet controversy.

Crystal Palace Paisley 300 Thread Count Cotton Sheet Set
Photo credit: (and I just may order these sheets)

Oh,  my. This disagreement has been lingering for almost 40 years.

My friend says that when you make a bed, the top sheet should be pattern-side up. I say it’s the opposite.

You lay it face down so that (1) the occupant is resting in a full-pattern atmosphere and (2) when you lay a blanket on top of the sheet, you can fold it back as far as you want and the pattern is still exposed.

What say you?

17 thoughts on “The great top sheet controversy.

  1. I do pattern side up (for the lone pattern sheet; otherwise it is white or pale blue) only because I like my sheet pulled up high and would not have enough sheet to pull up, fold over and tuck in at the foot of the bed. I went out on a limb and bought blue&white polka dot sheets (Ralph Lauren dontcha’ know!) and I really love them. I felt so reckless going with a pattern instead of my usual solid.


  2. Since I sleep in a duvet that has a duvet cover, I have no opinion about top-sheets … In summer I sleep with a washable blanket, And if even that is too hot, I go for the duvet cover without the duvet – nothing like pattern-side, no-pattern-side ….


    1. I had a friend who insisted it should be loose. If I did that, however, the sheet and I would part company soon after I fell asleep. Either that or the dog would have it all scrunched up into a bed for himself.

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