Just what, exactly, am I paying for?

I love lazy Saturdays: a cup of coffee, the morning newspaper, my loyal dog by my side.

This morning was a tad off script: a leaking toilet and, alas, a backed-up kitchen sink. Not to worry, though. I go to my paid subscription to a referral service! (I won’t mention any names, but the namesake is a woman with very bad taste in clothes.)

They have a recommended plumber with an “A” rating!

There are eight reviews and three of them are very bad: two Fs and a C rating. I remember my grade school math and do the calculation. If A=5 and F=0, it averages out to a 3.6, which is hardly an A.

I go to the Comments page to leave a question that challenges their math and discover that on that page, the plumber has a “B” rating. Apparently, they’ve rounded up!

For $140, I think I’ll pass.

3 thoughts on “Just what, exactly, am I paying for?

    1. You just have to wonder why they make some of those clothes in the first place. Membership is free to “test drive” your options. I still have to call a plumber tomorrow because the aforementioned did contact me and he’s booked solid for 3 weeks.


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