When your fortune cookie creeps you out

I’m getting ready for a weekend trip and, after dropping the Dog Who Ate a Lightbulb off at his favorite kennel for some very expensive playtime, I decided to stop in at my favorite Chinese restaurant to graze through their lunch buffet.

I have warm memories of this place. I used to work near it and one of my co-workers, a Jewish man, loved to gather a group of us together once a week to go to the buffet.

“Lunch?” he’d ask. “Chinese? It’s the food of my people.” (That always makes me smile, for some reason.)

I dined solo today, but I timed my lunch so that they would just be bringing out the first round of food. Fresh at this point, not soggy from having sat out too long. (I am not a fool when it comes to Chinese food, I know when to arrive at the buffet.)

And it was good!

They brought my check on a little tray with a fortune cookie, as usual. I dropped it in my purse, as I was in a bit of a rush.

I just read the fortune and it says:

“Tomorrow Morning, Take a left turn as soon as you leave home.”

Now, what the heck does that mean? I live on a one-way street and I’m not backed into the driveway at the moment, so I have to back out and go RIGHT in order to leave the house. Unless, of course, they meant to turn left when I got to the end of my street instead of my driveway. Could that be what they meant? If it is, I’m good, because I’m going to take a left at the end of my street tomorrow morning.

But if they meant I need to immediately take a left, then do I have to back into my driveway tonight in order to execute a good-luck left turn immediately? This is really more than I want to think about. I just need to get to the airport by 7am tomorrow.

So now I’ll probably be up all night trying to decide what to do. (Or I’ll just go to sleep as I usually do and get up at 5:00 in the morning and go to the shuttle parking lot.)

However, if you’ve read this far, I would like to thank you by giving you the lucky numbers printed on my fortune. They are: 38, 44, 41, 23, 28, and 33.

Knock yourself out.

3 thoughts on “When your fortune cookie creeps you out

  1. Back out of your driveway, go left, turn around. Go to the locker room at the airport. Turn left. This is the combination to the first locker on your left. I think the message is LEFT. Safe travels, Kate.


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