Don’t say we weren’t warned.

There’s an old joke about a pastor trapped in his tiny church on a hill during a flood.

The Joke:

The river overflows its banks and soon the water rises to cover the first step of the church. The pastor hears someone calling his name and looks outside to see two men in a rowboat.

“We’re here to rescue you, Reverend,” they say, but the pastor waves them off.

“Thank you, but I will stay here. The Lord will rescue me. Go save the others.” The men reluctantly row off.

The rain continues and soon the water begins to fill the church. The pastor climbs the narrow steps to the bell tower.

He watches the relentless rise of the water and prays for God to save him.

Soon, he hears another boat motor. He hears men calling his name. They, too, have come to rescue them but he waives them off as before.

Even when the water begins to rise higher than the church, his faith does not waver. He climbs up to the top of the steeple and prays.

This time a National Guard helicopter finds him. It hovers overhead and they lower a basket to him. “Please,” they plead “get in!”

Again, he refuses, confident that God will save him.

Soon the water covers the church and the steeple. The pastor drowns.
He realizes that he is standing at the gates of Heaven and sees St. Peter smiling at him. But the pastor is not smiling. He is furious.

“I’m dead? Really? All my life I believed that God would save me if I kept the faith and you let me down.”

Saint Peter shakes his head. “You don’t get it, do you? We sent you two boats and a helicopter! What more could we do?”

The Lesson:

The most unsettling fact from the past four years is that about 40 percent of the population has been fed a stream of disinformation, with which they whole-heartedly agree.

This email is from this morning:

Somehow, we have to persuade those we love. Let’s not bring back the Silent Majority. Let’s not wave off the helicopter. Let’s bring back knowledge and common sense.

8 thoughts on “Don’t say we weren’t warned.

  1. I’m don’t know what to do. My non-masking wearing father (He can’t breathe) has been exposed. Today I heard tales of false positives, family should get together anyway for Thanksgiving, worry about what to do IF he tests positive and so on.

    I don’t get the end game from all of this misinformation. What is the win?

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