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The dog who turned on the gas

See the cute sleeping dog? This is the dog who ate the lightbulb, plus a comforter and assorted leather items, such as new gloves.

The dog who ate the lightbulb...

Last night I was working in my office and the cute dog was chewing on a marrow bone and being a pretty good guy. At some point I noticed a strange odor in the office. I checked outlets to see if something was burning. I checked outside to see if it could possibly be a skunk. Nothing.

The windows were open last night and I didn’t smell the odor by the time I went to bed.

This morning as the cute dog and I were going downstairs, I was hit with that same odd odor. That’s when I heard the gas coming from my stove. Seems that the cute dog, who is an expert counter surfer, put his paws on the stove to see what he could lick. In the process he hit one of the knobs for the burner and, while there was no flame, the gas was escaping into the kitchen all night.

I know that they add an odor to natural gas to warn you when there is a gas leak. This was not the odor I remember.

I’m just thankful that I didn’t close all the windows before I went to bed or I wouldn’t be here to write about it..

I’d managed to stop his counter surfing by putting a metal yardstick on the counter top. Yardsticks seem to be the only things he is afraid of, ever since one fell on the hardwood floor and scared him with the loud noise. I tried to be a good Mom and comfort him when it fell. I told him it wouldn’t hurt him but he was having none of that.

I’m not one to try to frighten a dog. All his training has been positive reinforcement. But when life hands you a training tool as simple as a metal yardstick, why not take it?

First, I tried laying two yardsticks end-to-end across the edge of the sofa cushions. He hasn’t been on it since. He’s gone over to it a few times but when he sees the yardsticks, he just turns around and lies on the floor.

Eureka! Now I can have the sofa cleaned and keep it clean. He won’t be jumping up to chew on a Sharpie pen and get black ink on the cream-colored sofa cushions any more (I pray).

I already had a yardstick on the counter top to keep him from surfing in the sink and garbage disposal. I think I need to buy a few more.

For the time being, I’ve pulled the knobs off of the stove. This is highly impractical at mealtime, but it does ensure that he can’t turn a knob with his cute dog paws.

I may try the plastic covers that they sell to keep children from turning on the burners. Knowing him, he’ll try to turn them into a chew toy.

It’s been almost a year since I brought him home. A very, very long year. I used to joke that he was going to be the death of me.

Last night he almost pulled it off.