Quilts! (Part 2)

The numbers are not in yet, but the Ohio Mennonite Relief Sale is over for 2016. Quilts are just part of the sale, but the main draw for most of us.

Everything is donated, even the food. All proceeds go directly to the world-wide charities.

The quilt auction tally was over $70,000 by the time I left. Given all the other activities, the final amount should be impressive. These sales are held across the US and raise millions of dollars for charity. 

One of my favorite events each summer.


There is something magical about a quilt. Scraps of fabric engineered into a design, a pattern with a history. And meaning.

And when that craft is turned into love, magic happens. Quilts are a product of necessity, turned into art.

I am headed to the Ohio Mennonite Relief Sale, held the first Saturday in August each year. Quilters and auctioneers come together to create and auction these quilts. This is one of 45 auctions in the US, with the proceeds going to the Mennonite Central Committee, which provides support to people in need.

Beautiful quilts, great food, and a worthy cause.

Photos to follow!

“Mom, what does the gold star mean?”


I’m a  baby boomer, born a few years after World War  II. I remember walking past houses on my way to school that had a  gold star–or multiple stars–displayed in their front windows, just a simple gold star printed on a square of white card stock. There were enough of them in our neighborhood that I knew they were significant, so I asked my parents what they meant.

They explained that the family had lost someone in the war. It was a star honoring the family and the fallen service person.

I would walk past those houses with a quiet reverence, and say a prayer for them, much like I still do when I wait for a funeral procession to pass by.

I know, and I suspect most decent people know that it’s not about us.