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The Shop Dog Diaries: We Have a Few Things to Say About Halloween — Musing

Lewis is following his humans on a new adventure, and turning in his Shop Dog badge. We’ll miss you, Lewis! Dear Chuckleheads, When we were puppies and wanted a treat, we simply went up to a human and asked for one. We did this by looking cute. We didn’t need a costume for that because […]

The Shop Dog Diaries: We Have a Few Things to Say About Halloween — Musing

Note from Kate:

This is a post from the always entertaining and enlightening Parnassus Books blog. The bookstore is located in Nashville, TN and is unique in a few ways: The author Ann Patchett is the co-owner, the staff bring their dogs to work, and said dogs have their own blog on the site.

I’ve been to Memphis but not Nashville. It’s definitely on my travel list once this plague disappears.

5 Ways my dog & I are not alike


1 – Sitting in the snow

  • He likes it because: He’s covered with fur and can enjoy the wonderful smells.
  • I don’t because: It’s hard to keep the lawn chair upright in the snow.

2 – Rolling in the front yard

  • He likes it because: It just feels good and he can pick up so many scents.
  • I don’t because: The front yard is also his bathroom.

3 – Racing with me down the stairs

  • He likes it because: It’s fun to run and he always wins.
  • I don’t because: His toenails scratch the wooden steps. Besides, he always wins.

4 – Rolling in the snow

  • He likes it because: See #2 above.
  • I don’t because: Ditto.

5 – Drinking from the toilet

  • He likes it because: The water is always colder than in his water bowl.
  • I don’t because: I shouldn’t have to explain this one.