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5 Ways my dog & I are not alike


1 – Sitting in the snow

  • He likes it because: He’s covered with fur and can enjoy the wonderful smells.
  • I don’t because: It’s hard to keep the lawn chair upright in the snow.

2 – Rolling in the front yard

  • He likes it because: It just feels good and he can pick up so many scents.
  • I don’t because: The front yard is also his bathroom.

3 – Racing with me down the stairs

  • He likes it because: It’s fun to run and he always wins.
  • I don’t because: His toenails scratch the wooden steps. Besides, he always wins.

4 – Rolling in the snow

  • He likes it because: See #2 above.
  • I don’t because: Ditto.

5 – Drinking from the toilet

  • He likes it because: The water is always colder than in his water bowl.
  • I don’t because: I shouldn’t have to explain this one.