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Weekly Photo Challenge: Rare

Manuscript (1)Les Boquinistes 01 (1)

Fifteenth century hand-illuminated page. I bought it from a Bouquinistes in Paris. I’ve never really translated it, but I do recognize the start of the Lord’s Prayer on the bottom two lines. The shame is that they were selling single pages from the original book.

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There is something magical about a quilt. Scraps of fabric engineered into a design, a pattern with a history. And meaning.

And when that craft is turned into love, magic happens. Quilts are a product of necessity, turned into art.

I am headed to the Ohio Mennonite Relief Sale, held the first Saturday in August each year. Quilters and auctioneers come together to create and auction these quilts. This is one of 45 auctions in the US, with the proceeds going to the Mennonite Central Committee, which provides support to people in need.

Beautiful quilts, great food, and a worthy cause.

Photos to follow!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Details

4_2009_vacation 054
Celebrating the end of World War II

The massive, somber World War II Memorial in Washington, DC can be visually overwhelming, as befits a war that involved most of the planet. Where to look?

This panel by artist Ray Kaskey is one of the 24 bas-relief sculptures near the entrance. One of a series of panels that depict the efforts on the homefront, it shows euphoric Americans jitterbugging to celebrate the end of the war in the Pacific.

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