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Photo Lab

I was looking at how much I pay every month for Adobe Creative Cloud and decided that I really, really need to use it more. (Or cut the cord.)

Many years ago, I originally bought a version of Photoshop to fix some vacation photos where every roll of film had a continuous scratch in the same place. I did learn at lot but I’ve forgotten most of it.

So, since I seem to learn more when I’m trying to fix a particular problem, I took a rather boring photo of a lobster boat in Maine, added some layers to give it a watercolor effect, and cropped it down to what you see above.

Here’s the original:

I once worked for a photographer who said that his best photo tool was the waste basket.

I can get uncomfortable with manipulating photos and I know that there are purists out there who want to let the original photo stand, but I’m intrigued by it. After all, we manipulated those black and white negatives all the time in the darkroom, right?